Driving Sales Activity on LinkedIn


You already know that LinkedIn WILL bring you business if you use if more effectively. So don't miss this opportunity to learn how to increase your sales revenu

Workshop Details: Driving Sales Activity on LinkedIn 8:30am - 1:00pm (including morning tea) We start by providing attendees with an overview of profile building on LinkedIn. After morning tea we move straight into a more advanced profiling session where we help you script out your profile for best results based on your individual sales situation. Then we show you HOW TO connect and communicate with your sales targets in a credible way. This is a hands-on interactive morning covering: - Overview of Social Selling - An outline of persuasion strategies - The Seven Social Selling Secrets - How to target and find prospects - What you need to include in your profile and why - How to create connection requests which are accepted 90% of the time - How to avoid being too 'salesy' in your communication to retain credibility What you SHOULD say - Methods for building a network of people that are valuable to you and your business How to write Inmails and Emails that drive a response


Driving Sales Activity on Linkedln 8.30am - 1.00pm $445.00

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