Learn how to run effective and interactive online meetings in under 40 minu...


You will learn how to save time and resources by ensuring that meetings support your individual needs and the needs of your staff/customers.

Business Professionals, Managers and Consultants Tired of boring old meetings and presentations? This will change that old scene! In this webinar, you will discover new and exciting tools and how to plan, lead, educate and participate in formal or informal online meetings and how to make them more interactive, seriously engaging and productive. The course has the following objectives: to identify the best reasons for holding online meetings, prepare for meetings more thoroughly, technology requirements, apply the skills of leading, facilitating, participation, and finally, structure and manage online conversations in meetings for maximum effectiveness and engagment using the latest cutting edge technologies that won't break the bank. This is so amazing I'm offering a no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee, but be quick places are limited for your maximum learning.


Talking Techno Run Effective Online Meetings A$97.00

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